Showcasing to all you residents of The Farm and for the first time ever, the EXCLUSIVE Substack Variant Cover for Black Hammer: Reborn #5 by guest artist Vanesa Del Rey.

It was a joy to work with Vanesa and the Black Hammer team on this cover. To give you an inside look on the process I asked my editor, Daniel Chabon, to share some quick commentary on how we came about the cover you now see above.

"For this variant cover we were presented with four different options (above) to choose from by the amazing Vanesa Del Rey. All of them were actually really interesting and hard to pick from. Option four was the strongest to us in the end. It’s a great center shot of Black Hammer, I think the pose was stronger than the other three, and it lends itself to be a bit more of a moodier image of her floating there above the skyscrapers of Spiral City. I am really happy with how the final cover came out and Vanesa knocked this one out of the park. I hope there’s posters of it someday! " - Daniel Chabon

I am really happy on how this variant came out. You will only be able to grab this variant in my Secret Store. This will NOT be available in comic shops or at cons, it strictly for paid residents of The Farm.

I will drop a seperate post next week for paid subscribers when the listing goes live in the Secret Store. Orders will be on a time release preorder from 9/30-10/2. - Jeff