Over the past week, Andrea Sorrentino and I have been teasing our follow-up to Primordial and Gideon Falls and on Halloween day we announced THE BONE ORCHARD MYTHOS, which is not just a new comic, it’s actually going to be A LOT of new comics.


Andrea and I are going to create our own shared horror universe of interconnected stories taking place across multiple books and in different formats.

Some of these books will be stand-alone hardcover graphic novels, some will be mini-series and some will be longer format comic series. They all take place in the “same world” and add to the overall mythology but also will all tell their own unique and self-contained stories.

I will write all the books myself and Andrea will draw them all. We plan on releasing two or three new books each year for the next several years starting Summer 2022 with a 100-page hardcover graphic novel titled, THE PASSAGEWAY. We’ll follow that up in Fall 2022 with a 6-8 part mini-series called TEN THOUSAND BLACK FEATHERS and then another hardcover graphic novel in mid-2023 called TENEMENT. All the books will be published by Image Comics.

These will just be the first three projects in the Bone Orchard Mythos, but that’s just the start. We are planning a vast mythology of horror stories that will last for years.


These books will NOT be connected to Gideon Falls or Primordial. The Bone Orchard is a brand new thing all its own.

This is a project that Andrea and I have been talking about and planning for some months now. After Gideon and Primordial we wanted to do something really ambitious. We’ve developed an incredible partnership and friendship since we started working together in 2012 with Green Arrow at DC, and it’s great that a decade later we feel like we are just getting started as a creative team.

We’ll tease and discuss specifics for each Bone Orchard book as we get closer to their launches but the first taste will come with an original 20-page story in next year’s IMAGE COMICS FREE COMIC BOOK DAY BOOK written by me and illustrated by Andrea. This will be an appetizer for the horror to come, and its own self-contained story set in the Bone Orchard Mythos.

Andrea also wanted to say a few words….

“The Bone Orchard Mythos is something Jeff and I have been planning & plotting for more than one year and I think it will result in something huge for the years to come.

Each one of these books (I'm already some pages into THE PASSAGEWAY and  TEN THOUSAND BLACK FEATHERS and TENEMENT have been already plotted) are just imbued with such a mood and a chilling atmosphere that is just so good to work with.

Seriously, when we started discussing the project, I felt like I was finally home. These are the kind of stories I want to read as a graphic novel and comics fan, and the kind of things I want to draw as an artist.

Every series and graphic novel of the Bone Orchard Mythos will help develop and show this vast hierarchy of horrors we've created while, at the same time, will completely serve as a stand alone story.

I'm utterly excited that this is now out in the world. I promise you we'll all have a lot of fun with this.”

We are both incredibly proud of what we are doing with Bone Orchard. If you liked Gideon Falls and Primordial I think you will really love this new world.  I’ll start posting lots of sneak peeks here on my Substack as we get closer to the launch next year.  See you in the dark.


P.S. Image dropped a cool trailer for THE BONE ORCHARD MYTHOS that you can watch below…….