Hello all friends of The Farm!

Werther Dell'‘Edera was kind enough to share his thought process when creating the exclusive Secret Store variant cover for Mazebook Issue #3. Enjoy his commentary below…

"When Jeff approached me about my availability for a Mazebook variant I was absolutely thrilled. I've been a long time fan and this is the first time we have ever collaborated on a project. I tried to bring my love for his work to the table when approaching this cover.

Mazebook is a story about an intimate pain. The image of the main character is a reflection of a man - beaten up and wearing the weight of grief. Although it may not have been fun for Will in the story, his expressive nature and design makes him a blast to draw.

Ultimately, his character is at the center of the book and was the first thing I tackled. But I also wanted to incorporate imagery that stood out to me the most and that was "the line." Sun Tzu says there's a thin red line that connects everything and I kept thinking about this as the plot unfolded. In my cover, I wanted to use that red line as a symbol that connects to another major element of the story- the city and the map background.

A map is a simplification of something more complicated and, although it is a simplification, it is still complicated and intricate in its own right. In the center of all that is our main character and the heart of our story.

Surrounded by a simple yet complicated grief.

I hope you all enjoy the cover as much as I did doing it! Thanks so much to Jeff for the opportunity and I hope we get to work together again in the future."

WIP images, from rough to final:

I couldn’t be more thrilled with Werther’s variant cover for Mazebook Issue #3. If you want this super limited variant cover, you can subscribe to my Substack with the link below and get access to my Secret Store. -Jeff