Swamp Thing, Fishflies, and Secret Store Drops

Substack has been working hard to support a more robust e-reading experience for comics on their platform. Their first step in those efforts is launching a collaboration with the iOS Panels App.

As paid subscribers to this Substack know, I have been serializing my next comic, FISHFLIES here every Friday. To celebrate this new reading tool on Substack, I have decided to give a free digital copy of the first twenty-three pages of the story to both my paid and free subscribers!

For new readers, this is the first twenty-three pages of the story so far.

This will be the ONLY time I will share FISHFLIES to unpaid subscribers. Below you will find a download link to save the PDF file to your desktop or device or a link to read the book on the Panels App.

Moving forward, a new update will be posted on Friday to my paid subscribers, so if you have been on the fence in joining in on the exclusive experience of reading FISHFLIES weekly and my Secret Store drops, now is the time to subscribe! -Jeff

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I have gotten a lot of people asking when the Gideon Falls Hardcovers that I signed and sketched will be available in my Secret Store. Sorry for the delay on this, in truth the boxes actually got lost in the mail but they are finally arriving to the team at Cadence.

There are a total of 45 signed and sketched books that will be available for sale NEXT WEEK. We will give you a more specific date and times as we get closer to the drop.

They will be sold on a first come first serve basis. I will be offering more signed books regularly to paid subscribers now that we have all the the kinks worked out. Up next is the Vanesa Del Rey Variant Cover to Black Hammer Reborn dropping this Thursday. As well as some signed Primordial Issue #1’s and some signed Sweet Tooth Compendiums just in time for the holidays.

Again, all signed books will be available to paid annual or monthly subscribers only as they are very limited.

That’s it for today. Thanks for following and I’ll be back tomorrow with the 2nd installment of my “FROM THE VAULT” feature where I go in depth on the creation of my first mini comics and the lead up to my first graphic novel, Lost Dogs. -Jeff